I Got Mail


Muhammad Ammaar Saim

One pleasant day, I received an envelope in the mail. Inside, there was no address, and when I opened it, I almost fainted, because inside, there was writing written in blood, “You are next” and when I looked down, I actually vomited, as there was a real pool of blood there.

I was home alone, with no mobile phone, so I couldn’t call anyone. In the end, I decided to ignore it.

That was a grave mistake indeed. I started watching some TV shows while lightning rumbled outside. After a few hours, I heard our door lock click open and a shiver ran down my spine. I grabbed a lamp and headed towards the door.

 As I turned on the light, I was relieved to see my parents there. I told them about the letter and they told me to ignore it as it was just some sick joke. When we went to bed, I still had the letter in my mind. When I looked at my bedroom window, I saw a man smiling weirdly at me with a sharp knife …

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